A dinner to die for invitation card

A Dinner to Die For – A Murder Mystery Dinner

A Murder Mystery Dinner by PNP Events 

For an event in our local area, PNP Events partnered with The Shropshire who hosted our new Murder Mystery Dinner event, A Dinner to Die For at the beginning of the year.

Guests were encouraged to unleash their inner detective at our murder mystery dinner as they became special guests into a world of intrigue, suspense, and fine dining as we presented an unforgettable murder mystery dinner! Guests joined us for a special evening of thrilling twists, delectable cuisine, and unforgettable entertainment


An Interactive theatrical experience 

Diners at the murder mystery dinner were invited to take part in this interactive theatrical experience, where they become an integral part of the unfolding story, as they were welcomed to the wedding reception of a distinguished family to celebrate their joyous occasion to wish them love and long life, until death do they part.

At the end of the evening each guest had the opportunity take their guess at who they thought was the villain, after watching the wedding reception unfold while they dine.

Photo of diners watching the murder mystery event long table at side of the room round tables with candles in white tent with fairy lights

A sumptuous multi-course dinner

The murder mystery dinner kicked off with a tantalising welcome reception, where guests had the opportunity to mingle with the cast of characters and gather clues. As the tension builds, our dinner guests were treated to a sumptuous multi-course dinner, provided by The Shropshire perfectly paired with a delectable selection of beverages. As the night progresses, mysterious occurrences unfold, and a dastardly crime takes place.

It's up to them and their fellow attendees to analyse the evidence and ultimately unveil the identity of the culprit. Can you crack the case?